Public Health

Adjustment of individual health insurance plans and family have ceiling of 9.04%

The rule applies to plans ANS hired from January 1999 or adapted to Law 9.656/98

The National Health Agency (ANS) defined in the 9.04% maximum rate adjustment for health plans hospital medical individual and family, hired from January 1999 or adapted to Law 9.656/98. The percentage released today (22), was approved by the Ministry of Finance and the ceiling is valid for the period between May 2013 and April 2014.

The measure reaches 17.6% of the associated medical plans, about 8.4 million people, according to the agency. The rate increase authorized by the NSA can only be applied from the anniversary date of each contract. You may charge retroactive value if the gap between the application and the anniversary date is no more than four months.

The methodology used to define the maximum rate for individual plans takes into account the average percentage adjustment applied by operators to group plans with more than 30 recipients, said in a note to ANS. In 2013, it was also considered the impact of external factors such as the use of 60 new procedures included in the List of Procedures and Health Events throughout 2012.