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Brazil and Argentina will stimulate exchange of medical

In this Wednesday (17), was performed signed a document to strengthen cooperation in the levels of undergraduate and graduate

A "memorandum of understanding" signed on Wednesday (17), represetantes by the Ministries of Health of Brazil and Argentina, in Buenos Aires, aims to "strengthen cooperation between the two countries in the training of doctors in graduation rates and graduate. "

In the document, Brazil and Argentina undertake to act in an integrated manner for the social inclusion of the population access to health. The idea is to stimulate the exchange of experiences between the two countries in managing their health systems.

The intent of this memo is to stimulate exchanges between professionals in Brazil and Argentina. It takes us to have greater cooperation. In that first moment, we are able to count on the participation of Argentine doctors in primary care by Brazilian program More Doctors said Secretary of Labor and Education Management of the Ministry of Health, Mozart Sales.

Among the actions that can be developed between the two countries are projects which promote the exchange of students and health professionals in scientific fields, and to establish technical cooperation in the process of implementing programs in medical training, with special interest in in-service training . Brazil and Argentina also intend to establish mechanisms for mutual recognition of diplomas health professionals and commitment to professional practice of doctors in both countries.

During the meeting, staff from the Ministry of Health also presented the Program More Doctors for representatives of medical schools in Argentina.

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