Search maps Internet use by children and adolescents

At the launch of the survey, held a debate on the theme "Children and Adolescents on the Internet: Risks and Opportunities"

The Centre for Research on Information Technology and Communication ( launched a book ICT Kids Online Brazil in 2012, a result of research that mapped opportunities and risks associated with the use of the Internet by children and adolescents in Brazil.

The survey was conducted during 2012 with interviews of 1,580 children and adolescents aged 9 to 16 years and shows how they access and use the internet and the risks they face online. Furthermore, the research investigates the experiences, practices and parental concerns related to the use of the Internet by their children.

The book also includes articles by experts in various Brazilian universities in the relationship between children and the internet, we analyze in detail some research indicators.

To mark the launch of the publication, Cetic held a debate with the theme Children and Adolescents on the Internet: Risks and Opportunities. The event was attended by Ellen J. Helsper, London School of Economics (England), Cristina Bridge, New University of Lisbon (Portugal), and Regina de Assis, consultant in Media and Education in Brazil.

During the debate, the issue arose of the risks to which children and adolescents are subject to the use of the internet. On this issue, Ellen Helsper said he understood that we should not encourage a fearful vision of the network or even an excessive delight with these new digital natives.

The Portuguese researcher Cristina Ponte also presented comparisons between data obtained in Europe and Brazil. Brazil and Portugal are similar with respect to parents who left school early and have limited access to education. This picture is different from the north of Europe or even in countries closer to Portugal, like France, said.

Regina de Assis, in turn, stressed the importance of training teachers to educate the next generation, which already has the internet involved in their lives. Schools still adopt the famous computer labs, but will this idea is good and it really works? Of course not. The internet has to be inside the classroom. This generation knows a lot but does not know everything, he said.

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Source: FAPESP