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Mercadante says foreign doctors must work temporarily in the country

Minister stresses that the diploma exam revalidation will not be relaxed to facilitate the entry of doctors from other countries

Foto: Wilson Dias/ABr
Education Minister Mercadante, speaks at the Board of Education, Culture and Sports of the Senate
Education Minister Mercadante, speaks at the Board of Education, Culture and Sports of the Senate

The Minister of Education, Mercadante said on Tuesday (14) that the program considered by the administration to bring doctors trained in other countries should provide that professionals remain in the country for a maximum period of three years, acting only in public areas needy. According to Mercadante, with these conditions, the measure can not be considered an import professionals.

Discussing bringing doctors from outside that are registered in their home country, they would work for a maximum of three years, on a provisional basis. Would tutoring and universities would work exclusively in the Unified Health System (SUS) in areas of need of a physician, said while participating in a public hearing in the Committee on Education, Culture and Sports of the Senate. There is an import doctors, because to bring doctors to work in other areas have to do the revalidation [National Examination Revalidation of Doctors Diplomas] completed.

The minister stressed that there will be no relaxation of revalidation to facilitate the entry of doctors trained in other countries. The exam is required for professional practice as in Brazil. If temporary, for remote areas, I think it's a program that we can discuss. There will be no release, we will not accept doctor without registration, without training, nor will we relax the revalidate, said.

Mercadante told senators that lack doctors in Brazil and stressed that the situation is worse in specialties such as pediatrics, gynecology and anesthesia. For these areas, he pointed out that you need to discuss a specific stimulus. The minister stressed the lack of doctors in the countryside. How have few doctors and the market is hot, everyone wants to stay in the capital and the interior is without the necessary assistance. The policy of expansion of new enrollments [Ministry of Education] takes this into account.

In the last 7 days, the Health Minister, Alexandre Padilha, said that since the beginning of the year the government is studying alternatives to supply the deficiency of professionals in remote areas of the country and examines the possibility of bringing doctors from countries such as Portugal, Spain and Cuba. The Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) criticized the proposal and labeled as reckless.