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UN receives notification of new cases of H7N9 in China

According to information from the National Health Chinese were already recorded 128 cases of infection and 26 deaths

The National Commission of Health of China has notified the World Health Organization on two new cases of infection with the H7N9 virus. Laboratory tests have confirmed the presence of a new type of bird flu in a man of 58 years in Fujian Province and in another 69 years, the province of Hunan.

According to WHO, up to a total of 128 cases of human infection with the virus. China notified the UN agency about 26 deaths so far. Authorities continue to implement measures to prevent and control the localities affected.


The WHO states that continue investigations into the origin of the virus and new infections are expected until the source of H7N9 is identified and controlled.

The agency points out that there is no evidence of transmission between humans and remember you do not need any kind of restriction on travel or trade. '

<b> lethal virus <b/>

The expert Keiji Fukuda, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in late April that the H7N9 virus, identified by authorities of China, is one of the most lethal in the world. In a conference of experts, Fukuda warned about the severity of the virus. China has confirmed 108 cases and 22 deaths since the first infection, on March 31. For now, most cases of H7N9 are identified in the commercial area of ​​Shanghai and neighboring provinces in eastern China.

Source: OMS