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Fenam opposes proposal on social services for newly graduated doctors

Establishing medical condition in municipalities with fewer than 30,000 inhabitants dislike category

The bill authored by Senator Cristovam Buarque (PDT-DF), is causing controversy among medical professionals, to propose that newly graduated doctors with public funds must provide services in municipalities with less than 30,000 inhabitants, as well as in communities poor in metropolitan regions.

The National Federation of Physicians (FENAM) is against the project. According to the president of Fenam Geraldo Ferreira, the proposition may be an attempt to replace the career plan. "It must be made clear that this project can not be intended to replace the medical work, professionals must be brought to these distant locations through appropriate minimum wage and tender and not as a benefice in exchange for having studied in public university "he says.

The bill also provides that the fiscal year of the medical profession must be completed in full and exclusive journey of 40 hours per week and requires that institutions of higher public and private schools who have students fully funded gratuity scheme by the government include in organizing their content courses to train future doctors in the fiscal year of the profession.

The Fenam, along with medical entities, owns the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) that makes the careful analysis of the PLS 168/2012, setting opinions that will be taken to the rapporteurs for it to be edited. "We are working on this project is not approved," says Ferreira.