Health Profession

Fiocruz residence offers unprecedented multi-area lab

As of now, training has vacancies for biologists, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and veterinary nutritionists

In an unprecedented initiative in Brazil, the National Institute of Quality Control in Health (INCQS / Fiocruz) has just launched a course in residence for laboratory professionals who wish to be trained in the area of ​​health monitoring.

So far, the residence existed only in the area of ​​healthcare, serving as a specialization for nurses, pharmacists and physicians. From now on, professionals related to laboratory activities will also have this type of training. The course offered by INCQS prepares to work in laboratories, both public and private, quality control of foods, drugs, blood and blood components, and assemblies, reagents and supplies for diagnostics.

The vacancies will be offered to biologists, biomedical, pharmaceutical, medical and veterinary nutritionists to three years of graduation. Entries can be made between 23 January e25, available with notice Platform Follow the Foundation.

The specialization will last two years and will pay R $ 2,384.82 gross for residents who, besides working in the laboratories of the Health Surveillance INCQS and the municipality of Rio de Janeiro, also will attend theoretical courses. The residency program is offered by the Graduate INCQS.