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Law regulates advertising to combat the obesity epidemic in Sao Paulo

Approved projects banning food advertising aimed at children and giveaways in fast food, encouraging consumption

Two key bills to protect children from obesity epidemic were approved by the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo: the first one, PL 193, 2008, authored by Mr Rui Falcão (PT), regulating advertising aimed at children of foods and beverages low in nutrients and high in sugar, saturated fat or sodium in the state of São Paulo. The second prohibits the sale of food accompanied by gifts, to prevent the child consume the product only by desire to get the toy. It is forbidden to advertise on radio and television between 6 and 21 hours, and at any time in public and private schools. And during the time allowed, the advertising should be followed by a public warning about the damage to health caused by obesity.

You also vetoed the use of celebrities or cartoon characters in advertising and marketing as well as the inclusion of promotional gifts, toys or collectible items linked to the purchase of food. In case of breach of these determinations, the violator will be subject to fines, suspension of broadcasting advertisement and imposition of counter. The fine, depending on the severity, vai 200 million to three million times the value of the Fiscal Unit of the State of São Paulo (UFESP).

Another project is approved PL 1096/2011, authored by Alex Manente (PPS), which prohibits the sale of food accompanied by gifts or toys throughout the state of São Paulo. In the proposal, the parliamentary argues that childhood obesity is a public health problem in the country and the fact that the food be accompanied by toy induces the child to request a snack that is not necessarily hungry. To apply, projects depend on the sanction of the governor Geraldo Alckmin.

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