Launched first brazilian website about risks of excessive alcohol consumption

Portal has Bebermenos tool, a program that shows the importance of discovering early abuse in alcohol consumption

Went on the air the first Brazilian portal specializing in electronic health aimed at people who use alcohol. At, people have access to data about the alcoholism and Bebermenos tool, a program of interaction with the internet that shows the importance of discovering early abuse in alcohol consumption by users of risk and allows the creation goals to reduce or stop drinking.

The site was launched on Thursday (6), Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp) with support from the World Health Organization (WHO), in partnership with other three countries and two universities. The e-health is the use of digital technology to offer services such as electronic patient files, telemedicine, data on drug use, virtual healthcare teams, and mobile devices to collect and access patient data.

According to the head of the department of psychobiology Unifesp, Maria Lucia Formigoni, the abuse of alcohol can lead to several problems, such as liver cirrhosis, anemia, hypertension, various types of cancer, neurological diseases and malformations of the fetus. A year die worldwide 2.5 million people by complications caused by alcohol. Maria Lucia said that people have started drinking at an earlier age and this is precisely what the public wants to prioritize site.

The program contained in the website is free and for all, but we want to draw the attention of younger men who use computers and social networks frequently and do not want to be stigmatized, why not seek professional help. Currently, we have prevention campaigns and treatment projects, but nothing that people seek in this intermediate range that is who is starting to drink, he said.

No need to identify the alcohol user responds to a questionnaire that will determine what stage you are on. Depending on the outcome, it is forwarded to the self-help program, which lasts six weeks. The program requires the user to answer about their own advantages and disadvantages of continuing to drink, tastes and often you drink, and provides graphs with data and goals, so it diminish or stop drinking.

The proposal is that the person always among the site to interact and see how it is. You can also interact with others and share experiences seen through a forum moderated by a healthcare professional. There is also information for families on how to handle the situation, explanations for parents on how to address and guide the children.

Maria Lucia said that it is not necessary to be a doctor or health professional to use the site and the Netherlands, where it began to be used, there was a 17% reduction in consumption and a four-fold increase in the chances of permanently stop drinking. The site adapts to situations and cultural habits of each country. The portal is currently under evaluation and testing, but is expected to be fully operational at the beginning of next year.