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Oscar Niemeyer dies at 104 years old, surrounded by family, says doctor

According to Fernando Gjorup intensivist, the architect died of respiratory infection. "In the last month of life, never spoke of death"

Foto: Valter Campanato/ABr
Die architect who designed Brasilia. Oscar Niemeyer had 104 years
Die architect who designed Brasilia. Oscar Niemeyer had 104 years

The intensivist and clinical Gjorup Fernando, who in recent years was the doctor of architect Oscar Niemeyer, the architect said he died at 21h55 on Wednesday (5) along with family members, including grandchildren and nephews.

According Gjorup, "the last day the patient developed worsening. Blood tests were already showing that. This morning, the condition worsened further and he needed the assistance of breathing apparatus," he said. Very shaken, the doctor stated that the architect died of respiratory infection.

Gjorup stated further that Niemeyer, this last month, where he was hospitalized for 33 days at Samaritan Hospital, never spoke of death, always spoke of life. He reported that he had shown signs of worsening of respiratory infection and laboratory tests.

"This morning developed respiratory failure, had to be intubated and ventilated by machine and now he did not tolerate the evening and died at 21h55."

Hospitalized since the Nov. 2 at Samaritan Hospital in Botafogo, in the south zone of Rio, the biggest Brazilian architect of all time had their clinical aggravated on the 5th of the same month. That day, a bulletin signed by Fernando Gjorup reported that, because of a respiratory infection, Niemeyer was sedated and breathing with the help of machines.

On December 4, new bulletin reported worsening of clinical status of the architect. According to the bulletin, Niemeyer, who remained for more than a month hospitalized in the coronary care unit, was lucid and continued treatment with hemodialysis after a deterioration in renal function, and respiratory therapy.