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Maca higienizadora allows patients to bathe in 5 minutes

The device, created by Brazilian nurse, just needs a professional to sanitize the patient in tap water

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Maca higienizadora was named after Confort Care.
Maca higienizadora was named after Confort Care.

In Rio de Janeiro, a project uses technology to give more comfort to hospitalized patients. Developed by nurse Nilmar Alves, maca higienizadora already attracts attention from health centers nationally and internationally. With the new equipment, you need only one nurse to bathe the bedridden person in five minutes using tap water.

"The stretcher has a capacity of 20 liters and a reservoir to store water used in the bath. Nothing falls. Patient takes a bath of truth. Broke the paradigm of the traditional method that does not bring the lowest quality of life for the patient bedridden "said Nilmar.

The stretcher higienizadora has capacity for six five-minute baths each before the water has to be replaced. The mattress is waterproof and is used a sheet disposable to eliminate the possibility of infection. The device also has a sterilization system. The two stretchers created with £ 50,000 of funding from the Carlos Chagas Filho Foundation for Research Support of the State of Rio de Janeiro (FAPERJ) will be donated to state hospitals. The expectation, in brief, is that production is done on a large scale.

The idea of ​​nurse came after 20 years of work experience in hospitals as Vargas and the National Cancer Institute. For her, the use of buckets, basins and towels is rudimentary, and does not offer comfort to patients.