Fireman's Friend helps mothers breast during breastfeeding in Rio

Purpose of the program is to help women who are failing to encourage breastfeeding and breast milk donation

To assist infants in the breastfeeding process, exists in Volta Redonda (RJ), at St. John the Baptist Hospital, the project Chest Fireman's Friend. The goal of the program is to help women who are not able to breastfeed and encourage the donation of breast milk.

This program is already happening in Rio de Janeiro (the Fernandes Figueira Institute) and we work with education and donation of human milk. The work is done with breastfeeding mothers who already have too much milk and can donate. Then we do the training at home the donor, explains Alessandra Sabino out of the Fire Department of Rio de Janeiro and project participant.

Comprising a regional coordinator, Capt. Align Cunha, four cables that work on the actual program and a driver, the team's Fireman's Friend Chest works from 8am to 16h. To receive assistance please contact the project. Who lives in Volta Redonda can call free for SOS Breastfeeding, by the number 0800-282-0092. Other calls can be made to the phone (24) 3348-9954.

According to the cable Alessandra Sabino, a mother needs to fulfill some requirements to become a donor milk. After all, the bed donated will be passed on to children from the neonatal ICU of the Hospital São João Batista, who are premature or unable to feed themselves right in the womb. This mother must be healthy, must have done the prenatal exams and have routine prenatal negative results. After everything right, we schedule a visit to the house and let this mother. We leave appropriate material and sterilized for milking and explain how it should take and store milk. Once a week we get to, tells the firefighter. Once gathered in the house of donor milk undergoes a pasteurization process analysis and to be transferred safely.