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Patient will be informed about the cost of treatment in the public health

System created in MG vai inform individually investments in their health care during treatment or hospitalization

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Launch of
Launch of "Patient Account" initiative that contributes to the transparency of public spending

The Government of Minas Gerais Hospital Foundation and the State of Minas Gerais (FHEMIG) launched on Friday (31), the Patient Account, an action that seeks transparency in government spending. The Patient Account is an accounting to users of the Unified Health System (SUS), to inform, to each patient individually, the investments that were made for your health care during their treatment and / or hospitalization.

From next Monday (3), all patients at Children's Hospital John Paul II, Network FHEMIG, which have high, take home your provision account. The expectation is that by the end of 2014, the Patient Account is established in all hospitals of the Hospital Foundation of Minas Gerais.

We always work with transparency and offer the best service to our patients. Thus, the Patient Account is another tool of public health and, especially, an action that allows education and information to citizens. The FHEMIG is a pioneer in offering users a detailed accounting that shows not only the healthcare costs, but all the resources that were available for the accomplishment of their care, ie all direct and indirect costs, stated the president of the Network FHEMIG, Antonio Carlos Martins de Barros.

Also according to the President, if there is any doubt as to the values ​​and / or the number and type of procedures performed, the citizen may sue the Ombudsman, whose contact number is entered in Patient own account to obtain the necessary clarifications.

<b> Universal </ b>

The director of the Children's Hospital John Paul II, Maciel Helena, noted that this is the first step towards universalization of accountability to public patients. The bill is part of the Integrated Hospital Management (SIGH), developed by FHEMIG Network, and is a computerized database of all the processes of patient care. The SIGH generates information that is available to all levels of management of the Foundation, in real time.