MS announces thousand new mobile dental units to Smiling Brazil

Goal is to reach the poorest regions, particularly rural areas. Government will invest $ 3.6 billion in the program until 2014

To expand the Smiling Brazil program for the poorest regions, particularly in rural areas, will be distributed one thousand new Mobile Dental Units (UOM) throughout the country. The government will invest $ 3.6 billion in the program until 2014. The Health Minister, Alexandre Padilha, took stock of the program on Thursday (9).

Each unit functions as a mobile dental clinic, housed in an adapted van, which flows through regions where the population has poor access to oral health care, with capacity to carry up to 350 calls per month.

The donation of the mobile units is part of a set of actions to expand and improve oral health in the poorest municipalities of the country and also reduce the waiting time in access to dental prosthesis. We will have thousand of these mobile units for the municipalities of Brazil Without Poverty Plan and 25 units for indigenous health districts, Padilha said.

Launched in 2004, the Smiling Brazil program, the Ministry of Health, implemented for the first time, policies and actions of promotion, prevention and recovery of the oral health of Brazilians.

Increasing the supply of public dental health and preventive actions saved the extraction of teeth 400 000 per year in the country today, the program is present in almost 90% of the cities of the five Brazilian regions. The program's success translates into advances such as the fact that 1.4 million children have cavities left in 2010, contributing to the proportion of caries-free children rise from 31% in 2003 to 44% in 2010.