MG mobilizes students from state schools to fight flu

Mobilizers will visit 543 schools located in mining regions priority in relation to cases of flu

Foto: Henrique Chendes/SES-MG
Mobilizing talked with students and show in practice how to prevent
Mobilizing talked with students and show in practice how to prevent

Minas Gerais is promoting actions to combat the flu for school students return to school in the state. This week came the students of Professor Francisco State School of Brant parted mobilisers who attended the school during the action of the State Department of Health

Using epidemiological criteria, priority areas were defined in relation to cases of flu. Thus, students from other schools 543 mining will also be visited by mobilizers, who will explain about the care that must be taken by students, parents and educators, in order to prevent the flu-like syndromes.

It is part of the action the distribution of leaflets with explanations about the disease, as symptoms and prevention methods. In addition, soap will be distributed to encourage students to wash their hands often, one of the most effective measures to prevent respiratory and diarrheal diseases. 913 Other state schools, which are not part of the priority municipalities, will receive the kit with the manual and the soap.

The action will last until September 2012 and was established from the reality of the school environment, especially the classroom, which is characterized by a closed environment that facilitates and enhances the close contact contamination, says a spokeswoman of the Secretariat Surveillance and Health Protection of the State Secretariat of Health of Minas Gerais (SES-MG), Tania Martial.