People choose the name of the first consortium of health Tocantins

Voters may decide for one of five names available on the Internet. Consortium is composed of 12 municipalities

The population of Tocantins can choose, the Internet, the first name of the Intermunicipal Health Consortium formed in the state, based in Paradise, 68 km from the capital Las Palmas. The online voting is being done in site the Ministry of Health (Sesau).

In the poll, you can choose one of five names: Sierra's Crash, Bananal Island, Guangzhou, Vale do Araguaia and Sierra Lopa. According to the secretary of the folder, Luiz Fernando Freesz, members of the consortium agreed to include the public in choosing the most appropriate name for the region.

The first Intermunicipal Health Consortium is composed of twelve counties: Abreulândia, Barrolândia, Divinópolis, Two Brothers, Marianópolis, Monte Santo, New Rosalândia, Fatima Oliveira, Pium, Pugmil, Araguacema and Paradise.

With the final formation, the municipalities will have advantages such as cost reduction, to obtain more resources from the Ministry of Health, to perform procedures such as outpatient visits, scans, x-rays, laboratory and others, which will be made in the region without the need to shift patients to major centers.