Roraima performs mapping of the worker in the inner cities

Goal is to collect data that will serve as the basis for establishing preventive policies against disease or injury conditions

Workers Rorainópolis municipality, 294 km from the capital Boa Vista (RR), will receive special attention with regard to disease or injury conditions acquired in work activity. The Reference Center for Occupational Health (Cerest), installed in the city two weeks ago, performs mapping of the region, aiming to collect data that serve as inputs in the development of preventive health of the worker.

Industry officials are being trained across the South-Central region of the state to fulfill the notification sheets Information System for Notifiable Diseases (Sinan). With this document, you can check the cause of the injury or disease. For this, a crew is sent to the workplace of the patient. The professionals make an analysis of the previous life of the worker, which is checked for function performed by the person, as the services performed and for how long. Thus, there is the problem presented is related to work.

The unit works as Rorainópolis Cerest in regional headquarters and meets workers in the municipalities of Rorainópolis, Caracaraí Caroebe, St. Louis and the Anauá St John's. The team consists of ten professionals, including doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, social worker and technician safety.