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Observatory will monitor health care for addicts in Rio

Work will measure rate of drug use in the state and assess quality of care to patients

In order to improve customer service and monitoring of drug addicts in the state of Rio de Janeiro, will begin to run until the month of August, the state capital, the State Observatory on Drugs and Data Management.

The work will be done through a partnership between the State Department of Health and the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). The observatory, among other actions, will systematize the data on drug consumption in the state and the quality of the service network of care for addicts, which was expanded this year to six regional units, bringing the number of seats from 180 to 290.

He will also continue with the service of collecting data on the living conditions of drug users to propose new methods of intervention and assistance. You will not stop the service already exists. Users and families that are now seen will continue being served the same way, assured the President of the Council of State Policy on Drugs River, Leonardo Pecoraro. We'll have an idea of ​​how is the issue of consumption throughout the state, to have a panoramic reading consumption, social variables, the implications of health problems and the quality of this network in the state, he added.

By having the data, and from the production methods of intervention, the Centre will work in the training of teams of six regional centers, in addition to the professional qualification of municipal services that work with addicts.

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