Referral hospital in the university network includes AM telemedicine

National initiative seeks to expand the networks of distance education in university hospitals throughout the country

Foto: FHAJ
Meeting Conferencing System with Ruth to set final details of the project implementation.
Meeting Conferencing System with Ruth to set final details of the project implementation.

The Hospital Foundation Adriano Jorge (FHAJ) will integrate the Telemedicine University Network (Ruth) in the Amazon. The unit is a reference for admission of patients from the emergency rooms of the capital, the state and the primary care network.

The national initiative seeks to deploy physical infrastructure, services and applications in high speed networks to integrate telemedicine projects under development in university hospitals throughout the country.

According to the CEO of FHAJ, Raymison de Souza Monteiro, the institution becomes part of a select network of hospitals that will be discussion and diagnoses in real time via videoconferencing. The deployment of this network in FHAJ will impact social, scientific, technological and economic and social for the health sector in the Amazon. We will be able to contribute even more to the training of current and future staff, said the director.

Telemedicine includes the provision of services related to health care where distance is a critical factor, such services are provided by healthcare professionals using information technology and communication for the exchange of valid information for diagnosis prevention and treatment of diseases and the continuing education of health service providers, as well as for research and evaluation.

Among the most popular uses of telemedicine are videoconferencing medical, collaborative efforts and the case study in research, distance education, continuing education, expertise, improvement and upgrading in the area of ​​professional training and the second opinion, consultation on-line and remote diagnostics imaging in the service area.