Approved form a unified governing the use of animals in research in the country

Thus, those responsible for projects must submit minimum information on studies involving animals

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation approved the new unified form to request permission to use animals in research in the country. With this, ethics committees should provide a document so that those responsible for research projects to send information about minimum education and / or research involving animals. The publication of the measure was announced by the Federal Official Gazette on Thursday (19).

The form will serve as a model throughout the national territory and may at the discretion of each committee of ethics specialist, be expanded. After completing the document, the supervisor must refer you to the corresponding committee for examination and deliberation, as the resolution.

The contents of the unified form to request authorization for use of animals in teaching and / or research as the basis for the preparation of reports on the activities of committees, which shall be forwarded annually to the National Council for Control of Animal Experimentation (Concea) .

To improve the discussion on the subject, will be held in Brasilia on 13 and June 14, the symposium Concea on the Regulation of the Use of Experimental Animals in Brazil.

The symposium aims to train managers, coordinators of the Ethics Committee on Animal Use (CEUA) and representatives of institutions on the structure and functioning of Concea due to the enactment of Arouca (2008) and Decree 6899, 2009. There will also be discussed with managers and agencies to public policies for the production of animals for scientific purposes and teaching and training human resources for the area bioterismo.