WHO Expert scientific studies propose opening to the public domain

Change is part of a series proposed to improve the health of citizens living in poor countries.

The Working Group of Experts on Research and Development (Cewg) has just published a report on public health worldwide. The group, formed by members of the World Health Organization (WHO) says the need for more investment in research, especially in diseases that affect developing countries.

Among the initiatives suggested, is the opening of the results of scientific studies in the public domain. Another recommendation is the donation of at least 0.01% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of each country to the health of developing nations.

A review of the report was in January this year in Geneva, Switzerland. The conclusions and recommendations of the document will be discussed at World Health Assembly in May.

The report proposes a series of changes to improve the health of citizens of less developed countries. The recommendations, in addition to encouraging scientific studies aimed at making medical treatment more accessible. To this end, the group will require greater commitment to global health funding and coordination of the poorest countries.

John Arne Röttingen, head of Cewg, if the cost of research and development is given to patients, "treatment will never be more accessible for those who need them."

Source: ONU