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Olinda is campaigning to warn the importance of healthy eating

The Department of Health Olinda do event on the seafront to remember the population of health care and physical well-being

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Preparing a healthy meal at restaurant
Preparing a healthy meal at restaurant

On Friday (16/10) is celebrated World Food Day. Day care of what we eat, what we want for our health and physical well-being. Thinking about it, the City of Olinda, through the Department of Food and Nutrition, takes action to raise awareness. The event takes place on seafront New Neighborhood (opposite the former headquarters of PE).

The Department of Health Olinda will provide a team of physical educators Bole Olinda If the project, which will exercise, leafleting and testing of the population to ascertain the risk of metabolic syndrome. Services will be conducted measuring waist circumference, evaluation and nutritional guidance, measuring, weighing, measuring blood pressure and glucose levels and assessment of Body Mass Index (BMI).

The Promotion of Healthy Eating (PAS) is a working line of the Coordination of Food and Nutrition Department of Health Olinda. The goal is to develop actions and approaches to promote healthy dietary practices and healthy lifestyles and prevention of diseases related to diet and nutrition, such as anemia, vitamin A deficiency, nutritional disorders (malnutrition, obesity diabetes, hypertension, cancer).

Shares in the area are focused primarily redeeming regional food habits and practices that enhance the production and consumption of local foods low cost and high nutritional value and eating patterns more varied, from early life to adulthood and old age.