British commission recommended the decriminalization of assisted suicide

Recommendation contained in the report to be released to encourage general debate in the UK and change the current legislation

Call UK Commission for Assisted Suicide recommended that doctors be allowed to help terminally ill patients to die without thereby being processed.

The recommendation is contained in a report to be released this Thursday (6) to encourage a general debate in the UK and change the current law on assisted suicide.

The UK law provides for prison sentences of up to 14 years in prison for those who help a person to commit suicide.

The commission, in charge of former Attorney General Lord Falconer and composed of 11 experts, analyzed the current situation and presented its recommendations to Parliament.

According to the report, patients with the expectation of less than one year old should have the option to ask your doctor for a dose of a substance that helps them to die without representing an offense to the doctor.

The patient, however, should be able to administer the medication alone, as a sign that it is a decision on a voluntary basis.

The commission states that there should be strict measures to ensure the protection of people who do not have the mental capacity to make decisions that are clinically depressed or find themselves pressured by family and friends to make a decision.

These recommendations are rejected by groups opposed to assisted suicide, because they consider that many vulnerable people may find themselves pressured to kill themselves.

The so-called Alliance for Care and not by death, contrary to the change in legislation, estimates that if these recommendations can happen law turning 13 000 assisted deaths per year.

"The commission indicates that there is a strong argument to facilitate assisted suicide in the case of the terminally ill," says the report.

"It is possible to contemplate a legal framework that establishes well-defined circumstances to help the terminally ill morrerdm, supported by medical professionals and social services," the statement added.

Source: EFE