Campaign for diabetes in high risk Roraima points in almost 50% of the examined

Of the 276 patients who were tested for glucose, 46.38% were placed in a risk group for developing the disease

Debriefing from the 276 patients who underwent blood glucose testing during the action of World Diabetes Day, held by Colonel Mota Hospital (MCH) in Boa Vista (RR), reveals that 46.38% were classified as high risk for developing the disease. Over 500 people attended the action. Many who passed by simple screening ignored the idea of ​​developing diabetes.

In addition to the cases identified, the mobilization accompanied the people who already know the disease and were motivated to return to treatment. Patients found blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, height and body mass index (BMI). People who have obtained a score greater than or equal to 126, by means of capillary blood glucose were sent to a second confirmation. This time, through laboratory examination of blood, and confirmed the patient will initiate treatment.

But people who had a rate 100 to 125 fasting, fell in an area known as pre-diabetic and were referred to a new test oral glucose tolerance. The patient takes a dose of special sugar dissolved in water, two hours before, the new blood test, said Andrew Pantaleon endocrinologist.

The doctor explained that both blood pressure and BMI help discover the onset of diabetes in person. The tests help at an early age to care for and treat the disease. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide, he said. The health professional stressed that most of the individuals did not know they could be diabetic. Many develop the disease without knowing it. Such cases are due to inadequate physical conditions, the result of diet, sedentary lifestyle and family history. Another factor contributing to excessive weight is also related to the height of the individual, and contributing much to aggravate the disease, Pantaleon justified.

In evaluating the action Pantaleon was positive, because the goal was achieved. We increased the number of registered unit, with new reported. We passed with the action, the 8000 registered unit. The possibility of being a diabetic surprised the teacher, IlĂ­dio Silva, 36. I was startled, for what was to be just a routine checkup, my blood sugar was very high. My psychologist was shaken, and now try to take better care, said scared.