Public Health

Alagoas will expand and strengthen assistance to addicts

Project focused on health care should work on a dependency of Ib Gatto Hospital with up to 20 beds

The drug treatment will be enhanced in Alagoas. For this, the Secretaries of State for Health and Peace will run a project focused on health care, which should work on a dependency of Ib Gatto Hospital in Rio Largo, with an initial capacity of 15 to 20 beds.

The unit will work as an industry screening, where the user will be directed and professionals identify problems. After this process, the patient will be referred for treatment in therapeutic communities.

A team of engineering sector Sesau was traversing space and identifying the required services. In this intermediate unit, the user will first seven days and may extend up to four weeks.

The Secretary of State for Health, Alexander Toledo, said the project is a model for other states. The state government is concerned with the problem of drug use that has made many victims in Alagoas, especially among young people, Taylor said, noting the importance of partnership between the departments, to strengthen the treatment and assist in rehabilitation.

Accompanied by the Superintendent of Health Care, Sivali Clement, the deputy secretary, Jorge Villas Boas and crew, Alexander toured the premises of the Toledo Hospital Ib Gatto, who will have the ability to act strengthened with the return of the Intermediate Care Unit ( UCI) in the coming months.