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Neonatal ICU beds will relieve demand on the macro-region in Minas Muriaé

Measure will smoothen beds of Juiz de Fora, 200 km away, the current reference to the whole region

The State Department of Health of Minas Gerais (SES-MG) and the City of Muriae in the Zona da Mata of Minas Gerais, signed this week in Belo Horizonte, an agreement to open spaces of the NICU at the Hospital São Paulo, responsible for the care of the region.

The State will set aside about $ 1.4 million for the institution, of which R $ 131 thousand for the works and an additional $ 1.2 million in fitness equipment purchases, which will ensure a quality service for the entire region benefit. In addition, it will prevent patients from unnecessary travel to other cities in the region, as Juiz de Fora, which is 200 km away.

Will initially be nine neonatal ICU beds, with a team of nine doctors. The municipality has been waging a major change in health, this is another boost for major improvements, said the municipal secretary, Mark Guarino.

According to the Secretary of State for Health of Minas Gerais, Antonio Jorge Marques de Souza, the city is now one of the major poles in the health sector in Minas Gerais and the entire macro-region Muriaé will benefit from the agreement.

These new beds will improve access of the population and promote a better quality health for people, says the provider of the Hospital São Paulo Soares Vardiero Messiah. As for the mayor of Muriaé, Jose Braz, the health of women, children and the whole family will be assured.