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Brazil creates network of embryonic stem cell research

After victory in the Supreme Court, researchers have want to recoup lost time with 3-year ban

It is planned for later this month the launch of the Brazilian network for stem cell research, funded by the Ministries of Health and Science and Technology. "This is a knowledge network and not physically structured, which will integrate a set of institutions and entities to work on some principles and objectives," said Health Minister Jose Gomes. Initially the network is to receive funding of around $ 25 million. "It's an area where Brazil is able to structure a degree of knowledge and compete with the core countries for the development of new technologies," commented the minister. He bet on the initiative for lost time in 3 years when the polls were suspended in Brazil. The studies were released on May 29 from a decision of the Supreme Court (STF), which dismissed the direct action of unconstitutionality filed in 2005 by the Attorney General's Office against Article 5 of Law on Biosafety, which authorized searches.

The decision was welcomed by various sectors of society and holds the hope of cure for patients with degenerative or disabled.

To the Minister Celso de Mello STF decision represents the dawn of a new time, the joint celebration of life and freedom, which guarantees the hope of a life with dignity to people with disabilities.