Brazil must win three new drugs for type 2 diabetes

Medicines, which were tested in several countries, still must pass the evaluation Anvisa, before reaching the market

The Center for Diabetes Research, Hospital Geral de GoiĆ¢nia is carrying out studies with three new drugs to treat type 2 diabetes, the doctor said Nelson Rassi, chief of the Division of Endocrinology of the unit. The drugs under study have been tested in several countries. After the research centers in Brazil they will be evaluated by the National Agency for Sanitary Vigilance Agency (Anvisa) and, after approval of the agency, will be launched.

The HGG is among the 12 largest hospitals in the country that carry out studies for the market introduction of next-generation drugs for diabetes control.

Currently, the Research Center conducts research unit with three new drugs, says the doctor. According to Rassi researched medicines are indicated for patients who can not control the disease with use of other medications, diet and physical activity. Two of them are specific to people who, in addition to type 2 diabetes have health problems as heart disease, stroke or circulatory insufficiency in the legs. The other drug is being tested in patients who use insulin to treat type 2 diabetes.