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RSS is a quick and simple way to keep up with the updates of your favorite sites.
Select below the news categories of you want to follow in your RSS reader. For convenience, you can record only the channel All News Categories so that you will receive a single "inbox", with all content produced by our editorial staff. Enjoy it!
RSS feeds
Nowadays you can find at least one of the symbols below in every good site or blog.
Feelds / RSS
This means that the contents can be tracked by your RSS reader. Every time new information is placed, the reader catches it for you.
RSS readers
There are several programs available on the Internet, each with different features, but the basic operation is the same. The RSS readers (or feed aggregators) look like email managers like Outlook. You can create "inboxes" in them for any RSS channel you want. To further facilitate your life, each news category from iSaú has a specific channel. You can register in all of them or just in those you have interest to follow. You can also find programs that install the RSS management tool within your own web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc). Another option is to use an online service that lets you read your favorite topics from any computer without the need to have a feed aggregator installed.
RSS reader programs
How to use
Choose one of the programs or services above to be your feed aggregator.

Install the program normally.

Open your RSS reader and look for the option "Add Feed" (or New, Add Source, Create etc.). Create a new entry box and the field to enter the email address of the RSS channel will appear. Go to the favorite site and find channels of your interest by clicking in one of the symbols.

Feelds / RSS

Copy the link of the page that displays the list of feeds and paste it in the field of your RSS reader. Click in the button OK. Ready! Now, at each interval of time - that you can set in the settings of the program - the reader will visit this address and bring you new information that were registered in the channel.

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